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I was born in Budapest in 1957. I worked in the fashion's world, among other things in Hungarian Fashion Institute. I dealt with art always, but some 15 I set about the learning of the drawing and painting eating more sincerely. I walked until two years Mór Tamás into a painter's school. I deal with the painting only already today. I look with oil primarily, glaze with a technique. Since this is a time-consuming technique, because it is necessary to wait for the perfect drying between the coats of paint, I do not come up with new painting on a daily or weekly level. I like melding the classic style with the minimalism, I concentrate on the topic exclusively, there are not draperies, backgrounds drawn up scrupulously because of this. Interests, at what may be how with less information, at what to mediate more feelings.

1957 nyarán születtem, Budapesten.
Gyermekéveimet Óbudán töltöttem, rendszeresen portyáztunk a Római-parton és a budai, pilisi hegyekben.
Korábban a  divat világában dolgoztam, többek között a Magyar Divat Intézetben is.
Mesterem Mór Tamás festőművész, aki 2007-2009 között a rajztudásomat csiszolgatta.
Mayer Zoltán tanár úr inspirálására húszéves korom körül kezdtem írogatni, igaz évtizedeken át nem publikáltam, 2006-óta jelennek meg írásaim.

I live in Budapest and deal with fine arts and literature.
I write mainly short stories and novels as well about the life I experienced.
Next to the writing, and preparing mosaic with the antique technique.
Due to this special ancient method, the deeply detailed hand-made wavy lines and broken mosaic parts result in beautiful and valuable pictures.

I happy anwer to your e-mail, please contact on:
mihalovicseva at gmail.com

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Akoun certificat 15 P format (65x50cm)

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